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Promote - Connect - Succeed! There is a reason PROMOTE is the first word of our motto...

One of the first things we discovered working with clients was that people hate the idea of tooting their own horn.

In fact, with the exception of marketing professionals, very few people put much thought into marketing when they start their business.

No marketing plan, no marketing budget, and no idea where to start with marketing.

We get it. Marketing is a confusing science that incorporates human behavior, data science, and a million other fiddly bits that only make sense to marketing people.

If that isn't enough to send the average business owner into overwhelm, all that confusion gets compounded when you're bombarded with constant reminders from almost every social media platform that you have to promote, promote, promote all the time. The good news is that we've got you covered.

The Business Guild's Professional membership includes opportunities to advertise your business and share your expertise in Flackery, our quarterly business magazine. You can also join us as a guest on our Success Funnel Podcast, show your industry knowledge with guild-hosted online classes, and place member-to-member ads in our newsletters.

  • Quarterly Flackery Magazine - Multimedia Ad & Article Submission
  • Member-to-Member Ads in Our Newsletters & Email Campaigns
  • Host your Online Classes on our platform

We built the platforms for you to Promote your business, and it's all included in the price of the Professional membership.

Click the links below to see our flagship promotional products, Flackery magazine and the Success Funnel Podcast. (In case you missed it earlier, promoting your business with these products is FREE to Professional members!)

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Business owners need dynamic platforms that give them a way to connect to a broad audience.

Flackery is The Business Guild's quarterly digital business magazine that features articles by and about guild members, articles of interest to small business owners, and provides an affordable platform for member businesses to advertise to other businesses. (FREE is budget-friendly, right?)

As a digital publication, we can embed videos, web links, and coupon codes in articles and ads. And unlike the competition, our publication offers micro-business owners the opportunity to show their industry expertise by contributing content.

If you're tired of writing blog posts that go nowhere, check out Flackery and see how professional business owners promote their expertise.

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Success Funnel Podcast

You'd be surprised how many people listen to podcasts.

We're serious. People, especially professional business people, crave information.

They're looking for inspriration, motivation, latest trends, tips, and how-to's for almost everything business-related.

They want to connect with experts who can answer their questions and give them an edge in a competitive market

And if that's not enough, they want to get to know you.

We developed the Success Funnel Podcast to not only provide the answers people are looking for, but create an opportunity for our members to share their expertise.