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Want to boost your chance for success? Start with a plan.

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In case it's not obvious, we love a good plan.

We also know that most people hate the planning process.

We get it. Who wants to sit down to crunch numbers or do research when they have a brilliant idea tickling their brain?

This is why we embraced Alexander Osterwalder's business canvas model for planning.

His one-page business canvas planner concept targets the essential information and focuses on relevant bullet points instead of a 30-page research paper with charts, graphs, management team bios, and full color graphics.

We loved the idea so much that we started using his planning approach for every aspect of business.

Need a marketing plan?

How about a sales plan, goal plan, or production plan?

How about a sales plan, goal plan, or production plan? We've designed almost 20 of these one-page planning tools and have several more in progress.

The planners are organized by category, just click the image to download the pdf.

If you don't see a planner for a specific topic, let us know. There is a good chance we've already built one or it's on the list.

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